Ogee Crasher


This punchy strain was bred by Seed Junky Genetics. A unique and uncommon strain, Ogee Crasher is a hidden treasure, combining the effects of two beloved and infamous parent strains. This particular strain was bred via OG Kush x Wedding Crasher.

Indica-Dominant Hybrid 30% Sativa & 70% Indica

Ogee Crasher is a delicious and kush heavy cross of OG Kush and Wedding Crasher. Og Kush brings the funk and Wedding Crasher brings the sweet and stimulating uplift. This strain is a crash of happy relaxation, so get ready for fun. It provides  complete body relaxation, combined with calming and mellowing mental effects. Ogee CrasherMellow, earthy strain with sharp gassy highlights. Crisp dark purple leaves and lighter green leaves are joined by buds with light brown pistils surrounding wispy light green flowers with an almost mossy look. Users of this strain describe it as creamy, gassy, and sweet.

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