Locally-Grown Oregon CANNABIS

Grown with care and passed along to you

Founded in 2017, TrueHitt Co. is a locally-owned & operated cannabis farm in the heart of Oregon. We’re committed to growing the highest quality small-batch, slow-cured craft cannabis for adults 21 and older. TrueHitt Co. prioritizes the health and well-being of our customers and community, and we take pride in being compliant. We are dedicated to helping shape the movement for responsible consumption of Oregon cannabis.

At TrueHitt Co., continuous education is at the core of our culture and we endeavor to change negative perceptions manufactured throughout years of cannabis prohibition. Our knowledgeable staff is warm, welcoming, and excited to share our passion for cannabis by creating consistent, memorable experiences.

the finest products only comes from craft growers who are in tune and apply their skills to caring for their plants.


Like many of you, I am a cannabis enthusiast who enjoys the wonderful benefits of this versatile plant. As someone who loves the cannabis plant, I want to cultivate the best flower you have ever seen, smelled, or smoked. Not just some of the time, but all of the time. We want to share TrueHitt Co.'s passion with cannabis lovers across Oregon and give them what they desire, a True Hitt

creating meaningful experiences for every employee, every guest, every time.

TrueHitt Co. harvests 100% of its own craft cannabis flower in Monmouth, Oregon with expert cultivators on staff. Our team uses organic sustainable growing techniques to bring out the best qualities of the plant. Our aim is to provide consistent high-grade cannabis our customers can rely on. We focus on bringing out the most beneficial qualities of each strain that we grow. We constantly work to increase our knowledge of new cultivation techniques and innovations, and we work with our team members to ensure this knowledge finds its way back into higher quality flowers on the farm.

As ambassadors for ending cannabis prohibition, we encourage all of our guests to get involved and be a force behind the movement. We will continue to blaze the path, acting as a positive role model in the quest to end the negative perception of recreational cannabis. Setting an example by abiding by the rules and regulations, being 100 percent compliant, TrueHitt Co. will continue to create the standard for service excellence in Oregon and beyond. Our goal is to continue raising the bar by offering our guests only the highest quality cannabis, at competitive prices, providing the utmost positive experience, while supporting the beautiful communities Oregon.

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